Other Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is a public declaration of a couple’s love for one another and is very similar to a wedding ceremony.  Although there is no legal component to this ceremony, it is a wonderful way for a couple to publicly express their desire to commit their lives to one another.  However you decide to celebrate this occasion, the ceremony should reflect your love for each other and truly celebrate the union of you and your partner.

The commitment ceremony can be as formal or informal as you would like and can add substance and joy to any relationship.  Together we can work put together a ceremony that is perfect for you.


Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows can be performed at any time throughout your marriage.  It is a beautiful way to show the world how much you still love your partner.  It is a time to reflect on the journey of your marriage- the accomplishments, tears, joys and as a couple looking ahead to the years ahead.

Together we can create a unique ceremony that celebrates your relationship and reflects your continued commitment to each other.